5 Best Pasta Making Classes in Rome

What do you imagine yourself doing on your Roman holiday? Probably dining alfresco with a big bottle of Chianti by your side. You’re also most likely slurping up a big plate of handmade pasta coated in a luscious alfredo sauce. Sound accurate? What if we said that you have yourself to thank for this delicious meal?

Now that we have you hooked, here are 5 pasta making classes in Rome that we think you’ll not want to miss! 


1. Roman Countryside Winery tour and Pasta Making Class

Make that wine and pasta dream of yours come true with this class. Spend a beautiful day in the Roman countryside in a town called Frascati. You will meet Chef Loredana who will teach you Grandma Dina’s secret recipes. You will also learn how to make gnocchi, taglioni, and so much more. Enjoy the rest of your day at a winery, and enjoy a wine pairing before your delicious pasta meal.  


2. Tagliatelle or Ravioli Cooking Class in the heart of Rome Navona Square

In this class, learn how to make fresh handmade pasta with juicy meat sauce and enjoy a hearty Italian meal with a friendly group in the heart of Rome.


3. Cooking Class with a Professional Italian Chef

It’s a short walk through the beautiful historic center to Federico’s apartment which is in the heart of Trastevere (one of the oldest parts of Rome). It is here that you begin to become a ”Chef in a Day” and the cooking adventure starts! You will be taught from scratch how to make 3 different fresh pastas from 2 different doughs (a long pasta, a stuffed pasta and a short pasta), prepare a traditional second course of meat or fish with vegetables, and a delicious dessert. The lesson is ”hands-on” and will take approximately 5 hours. All the recipes will be explained in detail, and many tricks and tips will be given during the class.


4. Pasta & Tiramisu Making Class

Pasta and tiramisu sound like a classic Italian combination that we can’t turn down. Why not learn how to make both in this class? You will learn how to make these Italian favorites from the best cook in the house, Nonna, an Italian grandmother. Learn how to master the art of making fettuccine and ravioli when you book this class.


5. The Home Pasta Factory: Fettuccine, Lasagne, Ravioli, Orecchiette, Gnocchi

This pasta making class in Rome will teach you the right cooking techniques to make your own Italian homemade pasta in all its various forms: fettuccine, ravioli, gnocchi, lasagna, cannelloni, orecchiette, strozzapreti, fusilli, cavatelli, pici. After this pasta making class, you will definitely be able to surprise your friends with new skills and delicious meals!

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