Best Pasta Making Classes in Florence

Last Updated on December 23, 2022

If you’re visiting Italy, you just won’t be able to get enough of the beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and amazing food, especially if you’re a pasta lover! And what’s a better way to have pasta than to make it yourself by taking one of our pasta-making classes and learning all the tips from the local masters?

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, we invite you to keep reading as we’re about to list our most beloved pasta-making classes to take when in Florence.

Wanna Be Italiano Cooking Class & Market Tour

This cooking class begins at the farmers market in the heart of Florence, where you’ll meet the farmers, bakers, and butchers who produce the ingredients. Then you’ll go to the cozy kitchen just a few steps away from the market, where you’ll learn about landmark Italian dishes and make yours!

The dishes you’ll make that day may vary according to the season and the available products. The regular menu includes bruschetta — Italian appetizers made of garlic-infused bread topped with tomato and basil leaves — homemade fresh pasta, and tiramisu.

You’ll leave this cooking class with a certificate, a booklet of the recipes, a full belly, and amazing memories. 

Four Course Dinner Deluxe

You can join the Dinner Deluxe in Florence any weekday at 5:00 PM. It takes about 4 hours, during which you’ll make appetizers, homemade pasta with different sauces, a course meal with meat and vegetables, and a dessert with some Italian tweaks.

The ingredients can vary depending on the season and what’s available on the market. They are always fresh from the farmers market, so you know the dishes will turn out delicious. Wine and a good time are guaranteed!

Pasta-Making Class at MaMa Florence

If you want to learn different techniques to make pasta in different shapes, colors, and sizes, this course is just for you. Our native-born Tuscan chef Michele will guide you through the process of making fresh Italian pasta and combining it with different sauces. You can learn a lot from him, from helpful cooking tips to Italian culture.

Appetizers, coffee, and wine will be served throughout the course. Plus, you’ll get to try traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena.

You can choose to take the morning or the evening class. Either way, you’ll be greeted with freshly brewed Italian coffee and appetizers served in the garden, followed by a full meal and two fine wines selected by our wine expert. 

Vegetable Cooking Class on the Florentine Hills

In this cooking class, Antonella, a passionate chef and cooking teacher from Sicily, takes you on a unique cooking journey. She’s relaxed, friendly, and knows her Italian dishes to the finest detail.

You’ll prepare Cecina — a savory chickpea cake, tagliolini with fresh seasonal vegetables, eggplant fritters, and ricotta cake with fruit sauce. While making different staple dishes of Italian cuisine, you can learn valuable tips and tricks about the Italian way of cooking.

Cooking Class in a 12th Century Renaissance Castle With Cellar and Castle Tour

If you want to experience Florence and its rich cultural heritage from up close, we invite you to join our cooking class at a magnificent historical venue from the 12th century. There will be wine tasting, a cellar tour, and fresh pasta.

The menu might change depending on the seasonal produce. You will prepare 1 or 2 of the following main dishes and a dessert: Crostini toscani, ricotta and spinach ravioli with sage, estruscan chicken, gnocchi with porchini mushrooms, parmesan souffle, tiramisu, or gelato.

Central Market Tour With a Four-Course Lunch

Picking up the right ingredients is the first step to making a heavenly dish. In this cooking class, we take you on a market tour where you’ll see the seasonal produce and meet the people who grow them. Then we will take you to our cooking school where you’ll prepare a four-course lunch with the guidance of our friendly chefs. The lunch includes appetizers, handmade pasta with sauces, a meat or vegetable dish, and dessert.

When the cooking session is over, we’ll feast upon the beautiful dishes you’ve made. We guarantee you’ll have a genuinely wonderful time eating, drinking wine, and talking with our chefs and the other participants.

Drive a Classic Fiat 500 & Cook in Florence Oltrarno

Can you imagine a day spent driving an iconic vintage fiat 500 across the Tuscan hills, visiting MaMa Florence, and cooking some homemade fresh pasta? 

To make this dream-like scenario come true, join our cooking class! You’ll start by driving around town and picking up fresh ingredients from the local shops before you take off your driver’s hat and put on a chef’s cap. Then you’ll head to MoMa Florence, where our experienced and friendly chef Michele will guide you through the process of making delicious homemade pasta, seasonal appetizers, and a fresh dessert. The cheese on top? Tasting two fine wines selected by our wine expert.

Intense Cooking Course & Farm Stay With Food Market Tour in Tuscany for Foodies & Professionals

So you’re a pro foodie or a professional cook and want a more challenging experience? We have the right option for you!

In this cooking course, you’ll lodge at the historic 14th-century Villa Pandolfini estate. The course consists of 30 hours of cooking with our professional Italian chefs who have worked in excellent restaurants around the country.

Each day for a whole week, you’ll practice preparing 5-course meals in the rustic villa kitchen. You’ll learn a lot about Tuscan cuisine, history, and culture. You’ll also learn how to make homemade pasta along with other local dishes, including crostini, risotto, ravioli, cacciucco, cioccolatissimo, totelli, panna cotta, bruschetta, ribollita, souffle, tagliatelle, tiramisu, foccacia, and farroto. The list is long, and the experience will be truly authentic.

Stay Fresh!

Learning to make fresh homemade pasta while in Italy is a great gift you can give yourself and your travel companions. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the people, the local culture, and the cuisine by fully immersing in it. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, don’t forget to check out our other cooking classes all over the country.

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