The Best Gifts for Those Who Love Outdoor Cooking

Last Updated on August 22, 2022

Eating outdoors is a great way to spend time with friends and family, and we’re grateful to all the grill masters who make the experience possible. If you’d like to show your appreciation for the outdoor cook of your tribe, here are some inspiring gift ideas that’ll encourage them on their outdoor cooking journey.

Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are versatile and multipurpose cookware you can use in the comfort of your home, over a campfire, or in a wood-burning outdoor oven. An outdoor chef can make all kinds of dishes in a dutch oven, like vegetable stews, for example. It’s also a great gift for bakers because this cookware unlocks pies, quiches, and bread cooked right in the wood-burning oven or open fire. Since it’ll be used over flames, look for one entirely made of cast iron rather than ceramic.


A headlamp is a perfect gift for a barbeque enthusiast or a wild camper who likes to cook on an open fire. It allows them to see what’s on the cutting board or whether the mushrooms are caramelized enough. 

Long Metal Tongs

A pair of long metal tongs is a must for cooking on a grill. Barbeque tongs are much longer than regular kitchen tongs. They can be as long as 50 cm so a chef can comfortably stand away from the heat and fumes while maintaining complete control over what’s cooking.

Charcoal Chimney

By Mike

A charcoal chimney is an open-ended metal tube with a layer to hold charcoal inside. It’s designed to help you get the charcoal ready for the barbecue. 

Using a charcoal chimney is much easier than preparing the charcoal on the grill. You simply put the amount of charcoal you need in the chimney and start a small fire under the cylinder. Thanks to the chimney effect, the charcoals are lit from the bottom all the way to the top, and you can put the hot embers in the barbeque when you desire.  

Instant Meat Thermometer

Roasting outdoors is an art form, and it leads to delicious results! An instant meat thermometer can ensure the food reaches a safe temperature for consumption and help the chef track when the meat is rare, medium rare, medium well, and well cooked. Gifting your favorite chef a meat thermometer is a win-win situation if you love a juicy steak.

A meat thermometer is an excellent addition to the kitchen for someone who likes to prepare meaty dishes, whether they are a home cook or an outdoor cook. It helps you cook your steaks, chicken, and fish fillets to the ultimate precision.

Firewood Rack

Barbequing is a passion for some, so it’s only natural for them to have their idiosyncrasies regarding cooking gear. If that’s the case with your outdoor chef, finding something that will fit their equipment can be tricky. One option is to go for aesthetics and elegance when you don’t want to risk getting something they won’t be using.

On that note, there’s a wide range of firewood racks with different price segments on the market. Depending on your budget, you can get a simple small one that’ll stand by the barbeque to keep the logs organized or an authentic ornamental piece that will look great in their garden.  

Pizza Oven Hardwood

Some outdoor chefs already have everything they need, but they will still appreciate fancy consumables. If they have a wood-burning pizza oven, get them a package of aromatic hardwood. 

Not only do they emit less smoke and last longer, but aromatic woods such as cherry, apple, almond, maple, chestnut, apricot, or hickory can significantly affect the dish’s flavor.

A box of hardwood, like this box of Smoak red oak cooking wood, that has been dried properly is what an outdoor pizza chef exactly needs.

Ash Vacuum

Cleaning up isn’t the most fun part of an outdoor grill party. When it comes to a truly practical gift, an ash vacuum can ease the burden on your outdoor cook’s shoulders after the party is over.

Shoveling a pile of ash can be burdensome, with fine dust rising up in the air and getting all over your hands and clothes; it’s even an allergen for some. Ash vacuums, such as this Stanley Ash Vacuum, are perfect for removing ash from stoves, barbeques, and fireplaces. It’s a multipurpose tool that’ll make them think of you in gratitude whenever they need to scoop some ash around.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Cooking outdoors usually means dealing with direct fire. Therefore, a pair of heat-resistant gloves is a necessary item for the cook’s safety.

Don’t confuse these gloves with regular oven mitts; a good pair of barbeque gloves allows you to handle hot grill and charcoal without looking like you’re performing a pantomime show. With heat-resistant gloves, like these Comsmart BBQ gloves, you can maneuver cast iron pots and Dutch ovens that have been sitting over the fire or rearrange campfire logs comfortably.

Mortar and Pestle

When you’re shopping for an outdoor cook, it’s easy to limit yourself to items like grill equipment and outdoor gear. However, a good rub or marinade made with freshly ground spice mix can be a game changer in barbequing.

That’s why we suggest you try KROK, a brand that makes beautiful authentic granite Thai mortar and pestles. It’s a unique gift that will help your chef take their barbeque ribs to the next level.

Outdoor Serving Set

If your favorite outdoor cook likes to throw big barbeque parties, you can help them to show off their hard work with a beautiful serving set. Regular crockery can be a bit delicate to take outdoors, and eating out of a plastic plate isn’t very glamorous or environment-friendly. That’s why you can get a lightweight chip and break-resistant set with a charming, rustic look, such as this Melamine Dinnerware Set.

Cooler Box

Sometimes the best way to remind your favorite barbecue master you love them is to crack open a cold beer for them to enjoy. Whether it’s a barbeque party in the backyard or a picnic at the park, a cooler box is a must-have to keep beverages, salads, and meats cold until you need them. Your beloved chef is guaranteed to thank you every time you save them from a trip to the kitchen for a cold bottle of beer.

Backyard Party Game

This is where we start thinking outside the box. A well-prepared feast with family and friends is a way to create priceless memories. You can get a backyard party game, such as mini cornhole, a bocce ball set, or a Kan Jam disc toss to enjoy with everyone. This way, you can keep the kids from burying their heads in the tablets and create memories together. 

Grill Lights

Lighting up the workstation ensures top-quality meals. No chef would think twice before installing the necessary lights in the kitchen, so why not do the same for your favorite grill master?

A set of lights on the grill can save the day — or night. Sometimes the porch lights can be insufficient, and the headlights might dazzle others when the cook is in a chatty mood, but grill lights, like RVZHI Grill Light, are the ultimate solution for those who like to grill after sunset. 

Warm Blankets

Outdoor cooking is usually a team activity with guests, and keeping the guests happy is an excellent way to keep the chef happy and party going. Sitting around at the table after a good meal sipping beer or wine, and having a good conversation is part of the experience. A set of warm blankets or shawls will keep people cozy and keep the conversation going even if the weather gets chilly.

A Campfire Cooking Kit

Cooking outdoors doesn’t always mean lighting up a barbecue. Sometimes outdoors is wherever your feet take you. And what’s better than a plate of hot comfort food after a long hike? A campfire cooking kit lets you prepare a hot meal anywhere off the grid. They are made of lightweight, robust materials that are easy to carry and prepare food in and would make the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast. 

Basket of Assorted Spices and Rubs

You can make a great gift basket for your chef with whole spices and condiments. After all, preparing a delicious rub is part of outdoor cooking. So what does the perfect rub consist of? The right recipe and fresh ingredients. You can get whole spices and condiments for your outdoor cook to experiment themselves, adorn a basket with readymade sauces and rubs, or both!

Getting them whole spices is a good idea because they stay fresh for a long time and are always helpful to have around. But if you don’t want to give them more tasks than they already have, ready-made rubs and spice mixes can also make them level up their grilling game.

Over and Out!

Cooking away from the comfort of one’s kitchen and usual equipment can ignite a chef’s creativity.  Here, we put together inspiring gift ideas so you can thank your favorite outdoor cook for their work and encourage them to continue developing their outdoor cooking skills.

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